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Lupus Social Security Disability

Lupus scientifically known as lupus erythematosus is a long-lasting autoimmune disease wherein the immune system becomes agitated and harms the normal tissues. This disease can affect the connective tissues, skin, joints and various internal organs including the kidneys, heart and lungs. This disease can really cause serious problems and the person suffering from this can be rendered disabled since it affects the tissues and organs.  Depending on its level of seriousness, lupus can affect the mobility of the person, so if the victim is unable to work due to this he or she can apply for lupus social security disability.

There are two kinds of social security programs that a lupus victim can apply for. There is the SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and the SSI (Supplemental Security Income). A victim can apply for any of these for lupus social security disability because the Social Security Administration still conducts an evaluation if the claim is really a valid one. The benefits to be awarded will also depend on the extent of the disability evident in the person.

In order to claim for lupus social security disability benefits as soon as possible you should also get it filed immediately. This is important because some disability claims can take so long to process. Upon application you should present the necessary papers or documents to substantiate your claim and facilitate the whole process. The result n initial application can either be approved or disapproved. If it is disapproved you can make an appeal for reconsideration of decision.
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