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Suffering from a debilitating disease or disorder may render a person unable to work. Disability is a serious matter - crippling thousands of American citizens everyday. Though the Federal Government has implemented social security programs for the disabled, it has always been a tough battle with them to get the rightful amount of benefits. Even from the start of applying for those benefits, the SSA had never made it easy for the claimants to get them. They will wait for months, even years, only to be notified that they are denied - even if their case is legitimate. Bureaucracy has plague the social security system for years, and up till now there's not much reform being done to speed up applications and change the way applications are evaluated and approved.

We here at Mesriani & Associates understand our client's concerns and sentiments over the Social Security System. That is why our Manhattan Beach attorneys have dedicated their practice exclusively in social security disability laws. Our attorneys went thru years of extensive experience giving them the edge in handling your disability claims. With the deep knowledge and understanding of the social security system, our social security lawyers can fight for your right to get your much needed benefits for your disability. You don't need to worry anymore with all the documentation and paperwork - we do them all for you. Our concern is obtaining your benefits and your speedy recovery.

Denials for social security benefits are largely because of insufficient information to support your claim. Our Manhattan Beach attorneys will make sure that all medical documentation is secured to get a very high chance of approval in appealing for your claim. Through the years we have assisted thousands of claimants who have been denied before of these benefits, and have now been more secure with receiving them or they're on their way to recovery.

It's indeed awful to be unable to work due to a terrible disability. Mesriani & Associates will help you in every step of the way, with the goal of getting these benefits at the soonest time possible. If you live in Manhattan Beach and got denied for social security, call us for a free consultation. Our Manhattan Beach attorneys are ready to assist you.
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