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Mexican Man Sentenced to 15 Months in Prison after Identity Theft Violation

July 14,2011

Bangor- United States District Court in Bangor sentenced a Mexican man on Wednesday to a year and three months of imprisonment for committing identity theft violation.

According to reports, the federal court sentenced Cesar Benitez- Salazar to 15 months of jail time and two years of supervised release after four months of deliberation on his Social Security fraud case.

Salazar, 26 entered the country using the Social Security number of another person. A store clerk alerted police officials that Salazar attempted to buy alcohol and he rode along Northport town using an unlicensed car. The Mexican citizen then led police officers to a chase before his vehicle caught fire, reports said.

Authorities arrested Salazar and booked him in November 2010. On March 28, 2011, he pleaded guilty to identity theft, Driving under Influence (DUI), and other charges.

Authorities found out that Salazar stole the identity of Islander Birriel-Lopez to enter US territory and conduct transactions.

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