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SOCIAL SECURITY: More Americans Want to Reduce Payroll Taxes for Next Year

December 16, 2011

Washington – According to survey, majority of Americans want to reduce the payroll tax, but the Congress still has not made any concrete solution, reports said.

In a poll conducted by the Associated Press-GfK, most Social Security beneficiaries want solons to vote in favor of payroll tax reduction.

Survey says that 58 percent of respondents want the Congress to extend the break on payroll tax deduction, while 35 percent want it to elapse.

Despite this, Democrats and Republicans have not yet reached any agreement to reduce the payroll tax.

Latest reports say that Democrats and independent congressmen want to continue the tax cut, while GOP representatives are divided with the issue.

In case both parties agree to pass reduce payroll taxes they would jump from 4.2 percent back to their normal rate of 6.2 percent, reports noted.

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