Narcolepsy Social Security Disability

Grounds for narcolepsy disability claim
One of the unique health conditions that can be used to claim for social security disability benefits is narcolepsy. This medical condition is characterized by a person’s helplessness to normally control the sleep-wake cycles. This is a neurological disorder wherein the person who has this disorder can experience urges to sleep and their range of sleep can be from seconds to minutes and sometimes even for hours. Aside from these a person can also experience cataplexy which means the sudden loss of voluntary muscle tone. Delirium during sleep or in waking and short instances of paralysis at the beginning or end of sleep can also be evident.

A lifelong condition, narcolepsy makes people live near-normal lives. This disease can put the patient at high risk when sleep attacks or sudden loss of muscle tone occurs while driving or using machinery. Individuals with narcolepsy are advised to choose their jobs. Basically, jobs that require driving and long commutes to work must be avoided. Hence, for workers with narcolepsy, accommodations are necessary.

1. allowing short naps on working hours
2. adjusting work schedules around sleepy hours
3. alteration to the workspace or duties.

This disorder can cause minor to major disruption in the life of the sufferer especially if he has a career to take of. With the right evidence and qualifications, a person can file for narcolepsy social security disability. Through this the person can get benefits to help him in making ends meet in instances when his job or his overall health is jeopardized by the said condition. At present there is no one time cure for this disorder and only behavioral strategies can be used to resist feelings of fatigue that cause the urge to sleep.

In order to succeed in narcolepsy social security disability claim the person must get the services of lawyer who is an expert in the field. Through him, there will be a faster accumulation of the necessary paper work and evidences to help advance the narcolepsy social security disability case.

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