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Never Say Never

People with disabilities are important to society because they are in a situation to help us learn how to deal successfully with personal vulnerability. It is a common attitude of disabled individuals to ask the million dollar question, ‘Why me?’ Why me who have a family to feed, children to put to school and parents to take care of. Disabled individuals often feel remorse, frustration and self pity. But what they don’t really understand is that, asking these questions allows you to seek strength and solutions in light of your dilemma. People who fail to ask this question are not able to realize how valuable their life is. They also fail to see the good things their disability has offered to them. Remember that not until you are able to appreciate your deficiency will you be able move on and say that you have lived your life to the fullest.

Added to the physical impairment that these disabled people experience is the complex process associated with claiming for benefits. The Social Security Administration has complicated rules and requirements and even if you were able to pass all the needed documents your claim is still denied. This is, however, somewhat normal as majority of initial disability benefit claims are denied by the SSA. But just the same it is still important that you receive the benefits that you deserve as soon as possible. With the mounting medical bills and your inability to go back to work, you may feel overwhelmed and devastated, which in any case, can worsen your medical situation.

In some instances a person’s disability and incapacity to receive benefits results to serious problem, physically, morally and even financially. A letter of denial from the Social Security Administration can dampen the sprit of a disabled worker and discourage them from appealing their claim. Nevertheless, quitters never win. So never say never in appealing your disability claim. You just have to increase your determination and have a lawyer review your claim. Understand that most Social Security disability claims are approved upon appeal. When you have a lawyer specializing in Social Security law on your side, you can sit back and have the time of your day. There will be no more restless nights and haunting nightmares.
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