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Social Security Benefits: New Study Show Success on Disability Program Initiative

July 19, 2010

Washington – The US Department of Labor has released the results of an evaluation study of the Disability Program Navigator Initiative, which measures whether the workforce system, especially the One-Stop Career Center system, is helping people who are receiving Supplemental Security Income and the Social Security Disability Insurance, find jobs in the workplace, a statement released in its website has announced.

The study- which was conducted in Iowa, Colorado, Maryland, and Oregon – revealed that the One-Stop Career Centers are serving a large number of individuals receiving Social Security disability benefits.

"This administration is focused on reducing the number of people receiving Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income, with the goal of increasing job opportunities," Assistant Secretary of Labor for Employment and Training Jane Oates said in the statement.

"The public workforce investment system's role in serving people with disabilities, and reducing the unemployment and underemployment of people with disabilities, is critically important. For the first time, we have data clearly documenting that thousands of Social Security disability beneficiaries are seeking and receiving services from One-Stop Career Centers in four states," she added.

The public workforce system provides support for beneficiaries who want to work and increase their employment opportunities.

The report is available online at

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