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In Northridge, there are two things that you need to do if ever you have been disabled. First, you have to seek medical attention and rehabilitation from appropriate health care providers. Then, consult our social security Northridge attorneys to determine whether you are eligible for the Social Security Disability benefits. At the Mesriani Law Group, we have the most credible and highly efficient social security representatives who can help you pursue your SSA disability benefits claim.

Once you have decided to employ the professional assistance of our reliable social security Northridge attorneys, we will accomplish all the paper works needed in applying for disability claims. Afterwards, we will gather all the required documents such as your medical records from all the doctors, clinics and hospitals that you have obtained medical treatments or examinations for the past two years. This step is considered very vital evidence for the claim case. It is a standard procedure for the SSA to review and evaluate your personal documents and see if your disability is included on their list of impairments before they come up to a verdict. Hence, any inconsistencies on your information will nullify your petition.

Next, our social security Northridge attorneys will teach you how to answer the questions that will be asked by the SSA state agency through a phone interview about your personal background. After the dialogue, they will give you an estimate regarding the amount of monthly disability benefits that you can receive if your claim will be approved. They may also let you know whether you are also qualified for the Supplemental Security Income benefits or not. Thus, the amount of your monthly benefits will depend on your total years of work, size of family and overall wages among others.

However, if the SSA will deny your petition, we will help you file an appeal to the Administrative Law Judge who will review your case and make his judgment. Our social security Northridge attorneys will utilize all the lawful methods until we gain favorable outcome on your claim, even if we may have to bring the case to a civil court. We will support you throughout the whole process and let you feel that you are in the hands of the best social security representatives. We will win your case. If not, you need not to pay us any fee.

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