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ODAR and SSA Hearings and Appeals

The Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) oversees and manages all hearings and appeals made before the Social Security Administration(SSA), through its ten regional offices, 141 hearing offices, a national hearing center, and five satellites offices in key locations across the country.

Under the ODAR are the Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) which conduct hearings and issue decisions and the Appeals Council which reviews the hearing decisions and acts as the final level of administrative evaluation for the SSA.

Since denied claimants have the right to appeal and seek review of any decision the SSA makes on applications for disability, retirement, survivors, and supplemental security income, competent and decisive representation is critical in this stage of a claim - not to mention that a claimant has only a 60-day limit period with which to file for an appeal.

Taking all this into consideration, we offer claimants the services only skilled and experienced social security attorneys can provide.

  • Obtain information and pertinent data from his Social Security file

  • Prepare claimant and his witnesses for the hearing and questioning

  • Help claimant obtain medical records and information to support his/her claim

  • Accompany the claimant to any interview, conference or hearing

  • Inform the claimant and provide him/her with a copy of decisions on the claim

  • Prepare a comprehensive hearing brief analyzing the laws and facts of the case

During reconsideration or appeals hearings, a claimant would deserve more than the mere presence of someone who can do the paperwork alone. It would require the aggressive representation of a qualified and recognized social security lawyer who can undertake the tasks on the claimant’s behalf, and assist and represent the claimant in the hearings.

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