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Obama, McCain face-off on Social Security Issues

September 6, 2008

US presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama both took time to address a meeting of organizations that represent senior citizens. The two candidates gave their speeches to a meeting or AARP via satellite hookup, an advocacy organization made up of Americans 50 years and older.

The elderly make up a large percentage of dependable voters in the country, and social security issues are part of the concerns that directly affect the elderly. In his statement, Obama criticized his opponent’s approach to Social Security, saying that McCain would be undermining the government program in order to supplement the income of retirees. He continued on to state that the privatization of the Social Security Administration is a bad idea.

McCain, on the other hand, privatizing Social Security, claiming only to consider a wide range of options presented to change the system.

Both candidates also promised reforms in the U.S. healthcare system. Obama said that he would do what he can to reduce the cost of medicine for the elderly through allowing the government to have a direct negotiation of the prices of drugs with manufacturers. McCain, on the other hand, plans to closely regulate the private companies that are involved in the system.

Polls were taken after the convention and show that the candidates were almost tied, with Obama leading by a very slim margin.

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