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Obama Should Focus on Guaranteeing Stability of Social Security, Medicare—Survey

November 16, 2012

In a new poll conducted by the USA Today/Gallup, more than three-quarters of American respondents think that President Barack Obama should concentrate on guaranteeing Social Security and Medicare long-term stability, reports said.

The survey was released just over a week after the president won his second term at the White House. It was done on November 9-12 wherein 1,009 adults were randomly sampled. Moreover, plus or minus four percentage points were the determined sampling error.

According to reports, Americans affirmed that fixing the economy is extremely important. It also revealed that 95 percent of the respondents agree that Obama should prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

Meanwhile 73 percent of the respondents think that is also considerably essential to trim down the nation’s dependence on oil, coal, and gas while enabling affordable education. On the other hand, over 70 percent stated that the president should focus on cutting the federal spending and simplifying the tax code.

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