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Obama’s Campaign Cleans up Social Security Debate Answer

October 7, 2012

Washington – President Barack Obama’s campaign organizers posted a blog entry Friday clarifying the President’s Social Security reforms-related answers during last week’s Presidential debate.

The post tried to explain his answers and what are his plans about the controversial issue should he get re-elected..

In last week’s debate, Obama said that his and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s plans on Social Security didn’t really have much difference. The President failed to elaborate on his answer, earning flak from people who watched the debate.

The blog pointed out that while both presidential candidates believe that Social Security needs reforms to prevent insolvency, the similarities between their plans ends there.

It could be remembered that Romney offered some explicit plans aiming to reform Social Security during previous interviews. He and running mate Paul Ryan have supported plans to privatize the program and slash the benefits for current workers; something that Obama vehemently opposes. The blog said that reforms could be made to the current system of the Social Security without the need for privatization or sacrificing the workers’ benefits.

In the end, Obama’s camp reaffirmed the President’s commitment in enforcing reforms in Social Security without the excessive benefit cuts that will undermine the middle class’ retirement security.

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