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As an employee who is regularly going to work, you have a great chance to being involved in an accident, which may cause you disability. If this tragic incident happen, you may be eligible for two kinds of compensation, the personal injury claims from the insurance company of the liable party and the SSA’s Social Security Disability benefits. While the former speaks of the benefits acquired from private parties, the SSD is a program of the Federal government that aims to support the disabled workers and their families. Our qualified and experienced social security Pacific Palisades attorneys then can assist you if you ever wish to pursue a claim case.

Primarily, disability benefits are entitled to those employees who cannot perform substantial gainful activities due to their incurred impairments. However, the disabled workers often become problematic due to the intricacy of the application process that they have to undergo just to obtain their benefits. In addition, they also have to carry the burden of spending money to gather documents and evidences to make their petitions work.

With these in mind, the Mesriani Law Group, through our vigorous and compassionate social security Pacific Palisades attorneys, offers quality social security representations on a contingency basis. This means that you will not have to pay us professional fees unless we win your case. Besides this, our proficient legal counsels have the expertise as regards to social security issues and rules, which give them the capability of acquiring the maximum amount of monthly benefits for our clients. This enables them to gain respect among the other social security representation practitioners.

Thus, our social security Pacific Palisades attorneys are committed to address the needs of the disabled workers by enabling them to have their claim cases approved. Hence, we are also dedicated in our goal in alleviating the further suffering of the people who are experiencing personal incapacities.

If you already made up your mind in filing a disability claim, you may dial our toll-free number and ask for the advice from our social security Pacific Palisades attorneys. We will assure you that this will be the start of a triumphant story.

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