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As the Mesriani Law Group’s social security Playa Del Rey attorneys perceive it, the social security insurance is very helpful especially for those qualified employees who have incurred disabling impairments. These incidents hinder them to perform any substantial gainful activities, which is one of the requirements in applying for the insurance benefit.

According to the studies, around 30% of individuals between the age of 35 and 65 will obtain disabilities that will last for at least three months. To add, these disabilities will impede them to earn money since they may not have the physical, mental and emotional capacity to exercise their works. As a result, they will have great trouble as regards to their finances particularly if the disabled workers happen to be the families’ only provider. However, the Federal government’s Social Security programs provide financial aid for those who are disabled, aged and blind. Our social security Playa Del Rey attorneys then can help them pursue their petitions to the Social Security office.

For quite a long time, our social security Playa Del Rey attorneys have been engaged in our clients‘ social security claims. Hence, they have developed their unique and considerable skills in acquiring the largest amount of monthly benefits for our clients. This gives us the prestige of being one of the most reputable law firms when it comes to social security representation.

We pledge to give you the best social security representation in California. So call us if you have been disabled. Tell us the details of your disability and we will immediately get back on you as soon as our social security Playa Del Rey attorneys determined your qualifications for any program of the SSA. Then if you decided to file the claim, we will guide and assist you until we achieve a successful verdict. Our able social security representatives will gather and accomplish all the documents and evidences to support your case. Afterwards, they will represent you in all the hearings that will be scheduled by the SSA.

Do not put your chances at risk. Work with the most credible and highly competent social security representatives.

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