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Proposed House Bill to Expedite Disability Payments to Wounded Troops

October 8, 2012

Pittsburgh, Pa. – A bill was proposed on Capitol Hill that would speed disability payments to wounded troops who were deployed in Afghanistan, reports said.

Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson, a Pennsylvania Republican, has proposed House Resolution 6445, called the “Recovering Service Members Disability Benefits Act.”

The legislation would exempt service members of the Reserve and National Guard who were injured while on active duty from waiting for a span of five months for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments.

The proposed bill would provide financial aid to veterans and their families who are sick and could not do substantial work while they are transitioning from their military duties.

Aside from SSDI benefits, military men who are qualified for the said program may also receive benefits from the Pentagon and the Department of Veterans Affairs. They are, however, only given to permanently disabled personnel.

Such bill promises to help a lot of the wounded soldiers who fought in Afghanistan, but it must push through Congress, where 96 percent of proposed laws get booted out.

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