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Equipped with the most recent and associated knowledge about the rules and procedures of Social Security, our RSDI attorneys have been very successful in providing expert representations for Retiring and Disabled employees along with their Survivors. Over the years, we have been giving valuable support to our clients who are having difficulties in pursuing their Retirement and Disability Claims.

RSDI Benefits

RSDI or Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance benefits, for some who do not know, is the largest income-protection program of the government. It is intended to impart monthly assistance to qualified individuals who may have been experiencing financial instability due to retirement, disability or death of a provider.

As managed by the Social Security Administration, RSDI program has been protecting around 96% of all the jobs in the United States. It has been financed by the Social Security taxes being deducted from the employees’ monthly salaries.


If you have been working in an employment covered by Social Security and been able to obtain enough work credits by paying your monthly contributions, then you have strong chances of being qualified for RSDI benefits. But still, it is best to consult our RSDI attorneys for proper evaluation of your case.

Under Social Security policies, you must also meet these rules to be eligible:

•    you must be old enough for retirement (as early as 62 or as late as 70 yrs. old)

•    your impairment must be included in the list of Social Security or severe enough to prevent to from performing “substantial gainful activities” for at least a period of 12 months

Filing Procedures

You may file your RSDI claims in three ways:

•    Contacting the SSA by calling 1-800-772-1213

•    Applying on-line at

•    Going to the nearest SSA office and filing a claim personally

Filing RSDI claims can be exhaustive for it requires basic understanding of the rules and procedures of the Social Security. Nonetheless, you can always rely on the capabilities of our RSDI attorneys. We pledge to give you the best assistance in attaining only the best results for your claim.

Just dial our toll-free number or fill out our case evaluation form and take advantage of our free case evaluation services.

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