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Records of 800,000 People Possibly Compromised

April 02, 2012

Los Angeles – Four computer storage devices containing records of over 800,000 adults and children went missing March 12, announced the California Department of Child Support Services Thursday.

The said incident may have possibly compromised the identities and privacy of all those 800,000 individuals on records.

According to the department, the backup storage cartridges contained the names, Social Security numbers, and other private records.

They also contained addresses, driver’s license numbers, names of health insurance providers and employers for custodial and non-custodial parents, and their children.

The cartridges were first sent to IBM’s facility in Boulder, Colorado as part of a disaster preparedness exercise.

The effort was to ensure that the California’s child support system could be run remotely, said quoted Colorado Office of Technology Services spokeswoman Christine Lally.

The cartridges were to be sent back to California after the exercise was done successfully. In Colorado, the transportation of such sensitive materials is provided by Iron Mountain, Inc., a records management company.

However, Iron Mountain does not provide air services. Instead, FedEx transported the cartridges.

Lally believes that the cartridges were lost because their container was probably not secured properly.

The department has already notified all those affected by the data loss through email. The department has also recommended them to take necessary steps to protect their identities.

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