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Rep. Deal Took House Floor, Slams Passed Health Reform Bill

November 8, 2009

Washington – US Representative Nathan Deal (R-GA) took the House floor to voice the opposition of republicans against the Health reform Bill and ultimately vote against it the other day.

The bill narrowly passed the House last Saturday. It cleared the way for the Senate to begin debate on the issue.

Aside from concerns about citizens being penalized with a fine and possible imprisonment for failing to purchase a health care policy, Deal raised two more issues against the bill.

First, he relayed fears that illegal aliens would be able to receive government funded healthcare because all that is required is a Social Security number and a name.

He said that there is no way to prevent a Social Security number to be used by more than one individual.

There is not even a requirement for a picture ID to prove that the identity of the person is the same with the name on the Social Security Card.

The bill, he said, would worsen the identity theft problem in the country.

Lastly, Rep. Deal pointed out that the states will be carrying the added costs of the bill’s requirement to increase the state’s Medicaid roles to 150% of the poverty level.

Deal claims that some states, like his, have asked teachers and law enforcement officers to take unfunded furlough leaves to help the budget.

Once the bill passes, it would be worse for them.

He concluded that the country should not pass a bill that would take days and money out of teachers and law enforcement officials income to fund a piece of legislation.

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