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Do you have any problems applying for your social security benefits? Are you having an option of hiring a personal representative? Stop worrying and dial our toll-free number now. Let our trusty social security Reseda attorneys handle the job for you.

No wonder, most of the claimants filing their petitions for SSD and SSI benefits to the Social Security Office, are being rejected for some reasons. These include failure to provide the required documents such as complete medical records; the petitioner’s disability does not meet the standards of the Social Security Administration; the claimants fail to answer the questions asked by the office appropriately and other causes of technicalities. Thus, it is an intelligent decision to consult our social security Reseda attorneys before filing an application to the SSA.

If you get in touch with us, our social security experts will evaluate your case and make the proper recommendations afterwards. If in case we have established your eligibility for either benefits of the SSA, we will immediately get back on you to inform you the matters. If you wish to continue the claim case, we will gladly represent you in all the procedures of application. Our social security Reseda attorneys will teach you how to respond to the questions given by the SSA. We will also put our efforts in gathering the evidences needed to strengthen the value of your claim case. With our social security advocate’s notable experience and familiarity of the process of applying for social security benefits, you can never get wrong.

However, if your social security claim will be denied by the SSA, we will file an appeal before the Administrative Law Judge to reconsider your case. Certainly, our legal counsels will utilize all the legal means to have a successful verdict. We will see to it that you will acquire the benefits that are entitled to you by the law.

If you are still worrying about our professional fees, you better not because our social security Reseda attorneys work on a contingency basis. We will not charge you unless your disability claim is granted and you were able to get your money.

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