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SSA Claims

Under the Social Security Act, all claimants are entitled to receive benefits provided they qualify or they are eligible to receive it. Generally, a qualified claimant may receive any of the following Social Security claims or benefits, depending on his needs and condition:

  • Disability benefits under the Social security disability insurance

  • Supplemental security income

  • Widow/Widower’s benefits

  • Retirement benefits

  • Medicare/ Medicaid benefits

Filing claims for disability or other social security benefits may be accomplished by any claimant but once denied in the initial stage, pursuing it through the different levels of reconsideration and appeals may require the skills and knowledge of an experienced social security and disability lawyer.

Our Los Angeles social security disability lawyer is knowledgeable with the processes involved in every stage of your SSA claim. With more than 15 years of experience in handling claims, we have successfully represented clients in thousands of social security disability cases.

Typically, a disability claim may undergo several stages of reconsideration and appeal before it is approved.

Stages of a Claim

  • When a claim is denied in the initial stage, a claimant may ask for a review of the case by requesting for reconsideration. This is an opportunity for a claimant to present additional evidence to support his claim.

  • A claimant may disagree with the reconsideration decision and may request hearing with the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). During the hearing, a claimant may present new information and will be asked to present expert witnesses.

  • In the Appeals Council, which is the final administrative review, a claim may either be re-evaluated or denied. If the Council decides to review the claimant’s case, it may either decide on the case or return it to the ALJ for further review.

  • If the Appeals Council decides not to review a case or the claimant disagrees with their decision, the claimant may file a lawsuit with the federal district court.

Our California social security law firm has proven track record in handling claims and successful representation of clients in review hearings and appeals.

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