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SOCIAL SECURITY: SSA Commissioner Astrue Receives Humanitarian Award for Helping Disabled

March 8, 2010

Washington - An advocacy group has recently awarded Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue with a humanitarian award for including early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias on the list of disability that must be processed immediately to prevent delay on payment of benefits.

In a statement, the Alzheimer’s Association lauded Astrue for “his exceptional leadership in creating the Compassionate Allowances Initiative and the decision to include early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias in that initiative.”

Harry Johns, the group’s president and CEO, said that the new measure adopted by the Social Security will ensure that disabled Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s and other related illnesses can receive benefits immediately after applying their claims.

Johns said that “patients with the degenerative disease will not have to go through a long decision process and lengthy appeals just to obtain their benefits from the Social Security.”

Every year, the group honors one individual who have made significant contributions to help people suffering from dementia.

Past recipients of the humanitarian award include former President Ronald Reagan, Sen. Mark Hatfield, Sen. Tom Harkin, Sen. Barbara Mikulski, and Rep. Josefina Carbonell.

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