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SSA to Mail Benefits Statements Again to Select Age Groups

January 26, 2012

TAMPA, FL – The Social Security Administration will again be mailing out benefits statements to selected age groups, reports said.

Social Security officials initially stopped mailing them to approved Social Security beneficiaries as a cost-cutting measure.

According to reports, Michael Astrue, the Social Security Commissioner, said that the sending of the benefit statements will resume next month to people 60 years and older who aren’t receiving benefits yet.

As for the 25-year-old workers, according to Astrue, they will receive their benefits statements by the end of year.

About 150 million people who had already received benefits statements will be directed to a SSA website due to open in the coming months to accommodate their need to access their own benefit estimates.

Astrue goes on to say that people can request for statements of benefits if they don’t have access to the Internet or that there are other reasons for getting one, reports said.

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