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SSA to Schwarzenegger: Stop Furloughs

January 4, 2010

Sacramento –Social Security Administration (SSA) Commissioner Michael J. Astrue is now calling out to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to stop the failed furlough policy as the courts called it unlawful and capricious.

In a news release, the commissioner also praised the decision of California courts and backed the decision by adding that the furloughs are doing more harm than good to the state budget and to theworkers as well.

Schwarzenegger initially said that the furloughs would save about $1.5 billion of the state budget yearly but Astrue said that the policy applied to workers in Disability Determination Service (DDS) alone had diminished the administrative funding by $849,000 per furlough day.

The policy is also said to delay the much needed benefits of the disabled whose claims have been approved.

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