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SSDI Benefits Social Security Administration Benefits

People who have become disabled typically have a large drop in income. This is where SSDI Benefits Social Security Administration Benefits can help disabled workers. SSDI benefits help pay expenses and keeps a disabled person’s earnings record current so he can receive a larger Social Security retirement benefit at age sixty-five.

Who are qualified?
If you have worked and paid enough taxes, Social Security Disability Insurance may pay you and your family benefits. Social Security also pays benefits based on your financial need. These are two programs administered by the social security administration that only individuals who have a disability and meet medical criteria can qualify. When you apply for these benefits, your medical and other information will be collected for examination. It is a requirement that you meet Social Security’s definition of disability.

SSDI Benefits Social Security Administration Benefits are for workers who have made adequate FICA taxes in the last five years. The Social Security Disability Insurance benefit is calculated on a disabled worker’s past earnings which means that different workers may receive different monthly checks. Beneficiaries of SSDI Benefits Social Security Administration Benefits qualify for Medicare benefits twenty-four months after first monthly check. Usually, benefits of SSDI recipients are not affected by the incomes of others or by the beneficiary’s own income that is not earned from current work.

Self-employed individuals can also receive SSDI Benefits Social Security Administration Benefits if they become disabled provided they have paid the government enough self-employment tax or FICA tax to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance coverage. Unfortunately, the laws dealing with disability are complicated and many times people who apply for these benefits are turned down even though they have completed the proper forms. The waiting lines are long and the forms are complex. Benefits are often denied not just once but sometimes often. As a result many claimants who apply on their own become discouraged and intimidated. They simply give up even when they are genuinely entitled to their benefits. For this reason, it is important that you speak with a lawyer to make sure that you receive the benefit you deserve.

Having a lawyer by your side will make you more confident in pursuing your claim. Lawyers understand the complicated law related to Social Security, hence, they can help you get a favorable outcome.
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