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Los Angeles Social Security Law Attorneys

There are specific portions of the Social Security act designed specifically to allow qualified claimants to obtain Social Security benefits in the event that they become disabled. Social Security Disability benefits are available under two possible programs, depending on the status of the claimant.

The first of these is Social Security Disability / Retirement Survivors Disability Insurance (SSD/RSDI) which is available to individuals who have a prior work record in the United States for an extended period of time. The second type of benefit is Social Security Income (SSI) which is for individuals who have no prior work history, but who are either citizens of the United States or legal alien residents of the United States. Regardless of which of these benefits you fall under, our Social Security attorneys can help you get the benefits you deserve.

The process for securing Social Security benefits is a complex one, with several places along the way where a Social Security claimant can jeopardize his or her application by taking the wrong action. That is where we can help. We boast some of the most experienced and well known Social Security Attorneys in Los Angeles as part of our team.

Our Los Angeles Social Security Law Attorneys are experts on this field and have a vast knowledge on the procedural technicalities of the Social Security Administration rules of procedure.

Our firm has years of experience handling the intricacies of the Social Security Act, having handled hundreds of successful Social Security claims under both Social Security Disability / Retirement Survivors Disability Insurance (SSD/RSDI) and Social Security Income (SSI).

Given the recent issues within the Social Security Administration relating to the limited funds available for Social Security Disability benefits claimants, it is even more imperative that potential Social Security disability claimants seek to have their claims processed properly. Social Security Disability benefits are still available and are being granted daily, but the process is becoming more arduous and complex.

This is why you should take the first step now and contact our offices right now. Let our staff of court tested Social Security disability attorneys review your claim. Take advantage of the experience and reputation of some of the best Social Security attorneys in Los Angeles to help you on the way to the Social Security benefits you deserve.

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