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SSI Fraud Protection Awareness

Among the fast increasing crimes in the United States, identity theft may be considered as one of the most burdensome scenarios that a Supplemental Security Income beneficiary may encounter. An unlawful person who was able to steal your Social Security Number can manage to use it to obtain your other secret information.

Afterwards, they may utilize the same information to apply for credits in your name. You will just be aware of the fact that you have been robbed when notices and calls coming from unknown creditors demand payments for various transactions and items that you never purchased.

Your Social Security Number is extremely confidential. Thus, you must exercise all your efforts to protect it from other people’s knowledge. Aside from this, the SSA also protects your number as well as all your other personal information. Various measures are implemented by this agency to ensure that no other person can use your number to perform any illegal activity.

Here are some ways on how these individual get along with their fraudulent acts:

  • Lost wallets or mails that contains information regarding your Social Security identity and other financial statements

  • Stealing secret information after your transaction with an unsecured website

  • Searching for possible information about you in your trash cans

  • Pretending to be someone in need of vital information about you

  • Obtaining such information from someone whom you legitimately transacted with

Always remember, to avoid these problems, protect your card and number at all times. Be aware that these stealers are always on stand by waiting for their chance to do their fraudulent acts.

If needed, show your card only to those rightful persons and keep it on a safe place where nobody except your family can have access to it. Carrying your card is not recommendable for there is a chance that you may lose it.

Now if someone has been using your Social Security identity, the best thing to do is to report the incident to the police authorities as soon as possible. You may also call on your credit card company so that they may be able to deny further transactions made in your account.

Moreover, you may consult a competent a Social Security lawyer for proper guidance and assistance on how to incriminate those identity thieves. A credible advocate with vast experience in handling these types of cases may also let you recover your losses.

SSI fraud protection is not that hard to implement. You just have to follow certain precautionary measures and always care to understand all the steps to follow in case you have encountered it.

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