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Maybe you are not aware that you can still perform other jobs even if you have reached your full age of retirement and accepting regular monthly benefits from the Social Security Administration. If you want to know more about this privilege, better consult our social security San Fernando Valley attorneys. They are the ones who can further explain to you its provisions under the Social Security Act.

All of us wish for a secured and relaxed retirement period. This is the time wherein you can enjoy the fruits of your hard labor, spending quality time and leisure with your loved ones. Thus, to achieve this dream, it is very much important to plan ahead of your finances while still working. For proper guidance regarding your retirement benefits, it is advisable to discuss it with our social security San Fernando Valley attorneys for you to know more about the matters underlying retirement.

Many retirees consider social security benefits as their source of a comfortable and worry-free retirement. Hence, we recommend that have already secured approximately 70% of your pre-retirement incomes for you to sustain your standard of living. As the Social Security Law provides, an average earner will just receive retirement benefits amounting to 40% of his regular income. Consequently, he has to find some other means to augment his benefits such as private insurance grants, bank savings and various forms of investments.

With much pride, we can say that our social security San Fernando Valley attorneys are well informed about the process of acquiring your Social Security retirement benefits. We can give you an estimation of the amount that you can receive if ever you wish to retire from your jobs. Our social security representatives can also help you in filing an application for the said benefits. We can assure you that we will make use of all the methods for you to have the maximum amount of payment.

Call us right away and our social security San Fernando Valley attorneys will furnish all the necessary paper works and collect all the documents that are vital for your application. At the Mesriani Law Group, our foremost objective is to serve you better.

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