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If you are located in the city of Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, California, you can engage the specialized skills of our firm’s Santa Monica Attorneys to figure your payment from the Social Security disability program. Our Santa Monica attorneys are trustworthy and highly skilled in advocating claims for Social Security Disability benefits.

The payments to beneficiaries of the Social Security Disability program vary depending on each individual. It is computed from your past earnings. This is the case with regards, to Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI benefits, disabled widower or widow’s benefits and disabled child and/or adult benefits. If you are a recipient for these benefits, the Social Security Administration can provide you with an estimate free. You can obtain this by a request using a Social Security Statement.
The recipients of SSDI and Disabled Widower’s and Widow's Benefits have a five-month period of waiting before they can receive the payments entitled for them to receive. The earliest payment can be given five months from the date the beneficiary was disabled. Aside from the waiting period, there are retroactive benefits available but only a year back from the date of the claim.
For the Disabled Child and/or Adult benefits and SSI, the waiting period and retroactive payment policies are quite different. The recipient does not have to wait but the retroactive benefits they can receive would only be from six months before the date of the claim. Meanwhile SSI benefits recipients do not have retroactive payments.
On the other hand, the payments for Supplemental Security Income or SSI benefits have an existing common base benefit sum. This means that the amount of benefits still vary depending on each individual but the Social Security has a system of offsetting the base benefit sum from the other income the beneficiary might be receiving. This kind of payment system is unlike any other Social Security benefits program.

Our firm’s Santa Monica Attorneys or advocates can guarantee the correct and accurate calculation by the Social Security Administration of your Social Security benefits. We can ensure, also the proper monitoring of your claim’s progress. You can be secure that our Santa Monica attorneys will continuously notify or update you regarding developments of your case. If any problems arise, we also ensure accessibility.

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