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SOCIAL SECURITY LAW: Sen. Rubio Insists on Preserving Social Security and Medicare

March 30, 2011

Washington – Republican Senator Marco Rubio has expressed concern on Social Security and insisted that program reforms should be made to keep it solvent and lessen the effects of the national financial crisis on ordinary people, especially the social security beneficiaries.

The young Florida Senator stated that he wanted Social Security programs to exist until he and his children retire.

Rubio also affirmed that any Social Security revision should not affect present retirees or citizens age 55 and above. He demanded gradual reforms to save these programs for the next generations. Yet, he still has to formulate a specific plan on this Social Security overhaul.

Several Democrats aggressively oppose any plans of reducing Social Security benefits in the future. They said the program has nothing to do with annual deficits. They also suggested finding other options like tax increase for high-wage earners to preserve it.

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