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Social Security Law: Senate Committee Suggests Changes for SS Retirement Program

May 18, 2010

Washington DC – The Senate Special Committee on Aging has proposed modest changes to the current Social security retirement program to address changes and new issues and to provide a more financially secure future for retirees.

In a committee report released recently, the group has outlined some measure that will help ensure solvency and strengthen benefits for most social security claimants.

Committee chair Senator Herb Kohl said the proposed changes will also address issues such as benefits adequacy and retirement income security for “economically-vulnerable groups such as the retirees and the disabled.

“Emphasizing that a majority of America's seniors rely on Social Security as their primary source of income, the report calls on Congress to enact modest changes to Social Security in the near future to bring its long-term financing into balance and improve benefits for those who need them most,” the committee said in its release.

The committee sent the report to all fourteen members of President Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform who had previously expressed willingness to address social security issues.

The report was also sent to various options committee of Congress for consideration.

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