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If you are not sure about the difference between the Medicare and Medicaid programs under the Social Security Act, our firm’s highly skilled attorneys based in Sherman Oaks city in the Los Angeles County, California can help you understand the intricacies of these programs.

For the residents of Sherman Oaks who are having difficulties with processing their Medicare and/or Medicaid benefits, then our Sherman Oaks attorneys are available as expert and experienced advocates in filing your claims.  They have highly specialized skills concerning the Medicare and Medicaid benefits, how a potential beneficiary can file claims for such benefits.

As for the major differences between the Medicare and Medicaid, Sherman Oaks attorneys are well versed with the following facts:

Medicaid is a health insurance program specifically designed for citizens of the country who are below the poverty level. Similar to the Supplemental Security Income or SSI, which is a program specifically intended for impoverished people, those persons who are receiving benefits from the SSI program are consequently eligible for the Medicaid programs, too.

On the other hand, the Medicare insurance program is for everybody, without taking into account if you are wealthy or poor. There are no considerations whether a person is under or way above the poverty level set by the government based on annual income of a household. Any person can be eligible for Medicare and one way of being a beneficiary is by being paid benefits from Social Security disability program for a definite span of time. Recipients of Social Security Disability benefits for the past 24 months can be eligible for Medicare benefits automatically.

Both Medicare and Medicaid programs shoulder payments to doctors and some medicine prescriptions.  However, Medicare pays health care providers a notch higher than the Medicaid. The only unfortunate fact is that Medicaid beneficiaries find it hard to locate good doctors for lower rates.

Mesriani Law Group’s Sherman Oaks attorneys will ensure you expert guidance in availing your Medicare or Medicaid benefits. Contact us right now.

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