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Short Term Disability Insurance
Short Term Disability Insurance replaces a percentage of your employees' pre-disability earnings up to a maximum benefit on a weekly basis. It provides weekly benefits for disabilities lasting up to 26 weeks and is available to you if you have three to nine employees.

Maximum Benefit
Rate Guarantee Period
Beginning Date
Our Claims Management Philosophy
Pre-Existing Condition Limitation

Up to 60% of pre-disability earnings can be paid as the benefit, with a maximum of $500 weekly for groups of three to four lives and $1,000 weekly for groups with five to nine lives.

You may also choose from two maximum benefits time periods, either 13 or 26 weeks.

The rate you pay to insure your employees is guaranteed to remain the same for one year. Changes in the premium could occur, however, if an employee enters a new five-year age band, or experiences an increase or decrease in predictability earnings. This can happen even during the one-year guarantee.

The beginning date indicates the length of time an insured must be disabled before benefits begin to accrue. For a Small Group Short Term Disability policy, the number of days employees wait before the beginning date of their benefits accrual includes the days they are disabled or partially disabled.

We don't just approve and deny claims. We appoint benefits analysts who will pick up the phone and call the insured and develop a working relationship. Our analysts are fully capable of evaluating and properly adjusting all disability claims.

Our claims procedures are sound and efficient. We go above and beyond to track your claim experience and work with you to implement loss control techniques. We have well established and effective programs in place to help claimants receive Social Security disability benefits. And most importantly, we provide in-house and outside vendor vocational assistance to help claimants return to work.

Employees will not be covered for a disability caused by a pre-existing condition. A pre-existing condition is a mental or physical condition for which an employee has consulted a physician or practitioner, received medical treatment or services, or taken prescribed drugs or medications at any time during the pre-existing condition period.

Short term disability insurance will cover a percentage of your lost wages if you are disabled by an injury or illness and you cannot attend work for more than a few days. The duration for short term disability insurance is typically six months.

A disability can mean any illness or injury that prevents you from working at your regular job or occupation for an extended period of time. These injuries and illnesses can occur on or off the job.

Short Term Disability insurance is a supplemental insurance policy that starts paying monthly benefits after an elimination period (the time between your injury or illness and the start of benefits). The amount of monthly benefits you receive depends on several factors including whether you are totally or partially disabled and the level of benefits you chose when you purchased your policy. Your benefits usually continue as long as you are under a physician’s care and are unable to return to work (for the benefit period you chose when you purchased your policy).

You may not need short term disability insurance if you have the financial resources to cover your bills over a 6 month period of unemployment. On the other hand, you should consider purchasing this coverage if:
• You don’t have emergency savings to see you through several weeks or months without a paycheck.
• Your savings is earmarked for long-term financial goals.
• You have large debts—such as a mortgage, auto loans or credit card balances that require you to make regular payments.
• You are your family’s sole wage earner.
• Your health or other insurance policies have high deductibles or require out-of-pocket payments.
Getting short term disability coverage

Your employer may offer short term disability insurance as part of your benefits package. Or it may offer you optional disability insurance if you want to make the premium payments yourself.

If you can’t get short term disability insurance through work, talk to your insurance agent. Your agent can help you decide if you need this kind of coverage and if you and your family are adequately covered for the many unexpected events in life.

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