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Short-Term Disability Attorneys-Los Angeles

    Short-term disability benefits can be presented to those employees     who suddenly incurred disability that hinders them from working and receive compensation. This plan is under the provisions of the Worker’s Compensation Law provided that the obtained sickness or injury is brought about by performing a task in a company. The injured worker is entitled of the short-term disability benefit from the date in which he stopped from working due to his illness and will carry on until 26 weeks. And if in case that he was already receiving Worker’s Compensation payments, he can still be eligible of receiving additional benefits provided that he have complied with the company’s policies and safety guidelines while doing his job. The statute of this kind of claim is quite hard to comprehend. Thus, a disabled employee might need the aid of our qualified Short-Term Disability Attorneys-Los Angeles to help him out in claiming his financial benefits.

    Our able and sincere Short-Term Disability Attorneys-Los Angeles have a vast knowledge and skills in handling these kind of work related cases. They are equipped with the techniques in order for your claims to be approved in the shortest possible time. They will ensure you that despite of your disability; you will still have the finances to support your family’s basic daily needs such as food, shelter and clothing.

    Having such injuries or impairments should not prevent you from reaching for your plans in life. These things should improve your outlook in life and make you a better person. Contact us and we will prove ourselves worthy of your trust. Just dial our toll-free number and our Short-Term Disability Attorneys-Los Angeles will at once provide answers to your legal concerns. You may also fill up our case evaluation form to avail of our free online legal advice. Please include your complete contact information together with the summary of your case. All the data that you will impart to us will remain secret.

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