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Six Mistaken Beliefs that May Cause Disability Claim Denial

In order for disability claimants to fully appreciate Social Security benefits, they need to set aside mistaken beliefs about disability insurance. It is a common fact that there are particular flawed information regarding disability benefits and the Social Security Administration (SSA), and learning the fact from fiction may provide a good help to those who are claiming for disability insurance benefits.

Common Mistaken Beliefs about Disability Benefits

  1. Even those without disability can obtain disability benefits.

    This myth is common to hear and the reason is this: many disabilities cannot be recognized immediately. Many people think that only people with crutches or braces are only the disabled people; however, in actual fact, many disabling ailments may not be quickly determined.

  2. I do not need to inform SSA if I changed my address, it is their duty to know.

    In case you changed your place of residence, contact number, or other related information, it is imperative for you to inform SSA promptly. Do not expect that the SSA will do the job for you.

  3. It is a bad idea to ask for updates from SSA.

    If it’s been a long time since the SSA communicated with you about your disability claim, it is suggested that you take time to contact your local SSA field office. There are times when the applications of claimants get piled up, which is why it is suggested to constantly ask for updates.

  4. I do not need to visit my doctor regularly.

    One of the most common mistakes of disability claimants is the failure to adhere with the suggested medical treatment schedule. It is a must for any applicant to follow his physician’s advice. SSA is very specific with compliance of applicants with their medical treatments; failure to do so may result in denial of the claim.

  5. If I have medical records that prove I am disabled, I will get the claim.

    Many claimants think that having a medical record is enough to win the claim; however, according to statistics, many applicants, even those with convincing medical documents, get denied because they fail to convince SSA that they deserve the benefits.

  6. I have a lawyer, I will win the claim.

    Undeniably, having Social Security disability attorneys is a plus for claiming for benefits. However, in case that the applicant fails to follow the instructions and guidelines of his lawyer, he may still lose the claim. It is suggested that claimants need to abide by the recommendations of their Social Security disability attorneys to improve their chances of winning the claim.

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