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Social Security Administration Disability

Disability claim preparation
Before you file Social Security Disability claim, it is important that you understand and take into consideration the definition of disability. Under the Social Security Act, disability means inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity. Reasons for disability include physical or mental impairment which can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months. The best way for you to file is to go to the nearest Social Security administration office in person. As an alternative, you may contact Social Security by telephone for a phone interview.

Any individual who has worked in recent years and who has diligently paid social security taxes has the right to file for disability benefits if he finds himself unable to support himself or his family due to some medically determinable physical and mental impairment. The social security administration disability is the one that determines who qualifies to receive social security benefits. They have several rules that a claimant or petitioner must qualify.

There are four general types of programs that can be used for providing the benefits of the claimant. The four kinds are the SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance, SSI or Supplemental security Income, DWB - Disabled Widows and widowers benefits and the DAC Adult Child benefits. The SSDI is focused on providing benefits for those who are unable to support themselves due to impairment. The SSI on the other hand is aimed for people who are in dire financial need and do not have much income such as the elderly and the blind.

In order to be successful in convincing the social security administration disability of a plea, the client must present all the necessary supporting papers and documents. One of the very important documents asked for by the SSA is the medical evidence or the doctor’s findings about the applicant’s health condition. But aside from this, there are still various forms and requirements that a claimant has to accomplish. The process may seem intimidating so it will also be advantageous on the part of the petitioner to have a social security lawyer who knows the intricacies in this kind of situation.

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