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Social Security Administration Fraud Line

The total cost of this crime approaches $50 billion per year, with the average loss from the misuse of a victim’s personal information being $4,800, says the FTC. It can take years of frustrating effort to set the record straight. The potential toll on seniors with vulnerable income sources can be severe. When this happens, fraud alert is the first remedy. This is to stop any fraudulent accounts or unauthorized access on your record. Also, to contact your security department of the creditors and financial institution that granted the credit. You may as well contact Social Security Number hotline upon knowing a misuse of your Social Security Number. More so, file a report with local law enforcement agency should your personal information is suspected to be used for fraudulent or criminal purposes.

Identity and financial insurance protection
Protect yourself by taking preventive measures to block the theft of your identity and your financial security. Here are some things you can do:

• Guard your Social Security number. Don’t give it out, don’t carry it in your wallet or purse and definitely do not have it printed on your checks. If your number is stolen, contact the Social Security Administration fraud line immediately to place a fraud alert on your name and Social Security number.

• Buy a paper shredder. Don’t just throw your personal information into the trash where a thief can retrieve it. Shred all documents that have your name, Social Security number, birthday or other personal information, including bank statements, insurance forms and even those annoying credit card offers that come in the mail.

• If you carry a wallet or purse, photocopy the contents. Copy both sides of each license, credit card, insurance card, etc. Put the photocopy away in a safe place. If your wallet should be stolen, you will have a record of everything that was in it, including account numbers and the phone numbers needed to call and cancel them.

• Immediately cancel any credit cards that are lost or stolen. Most importantly, call the three national credit-reporting organizations, as well as the Social Security fraud line. The alert will indicate to any company that checks your credit that your information was stolen. Also, file a police report immediately in the jurisdiction where the theft or loss occurred. This will prove your diligence to the credit card company.

• Check your credit report regularly. Review your credit report at least once a year. Be alert for credit activity that you have not authorized. False transactions can be disputed and removed.

According to the FTC, identity theft is significantly smaller if the misuse of personal information is discovered quickly. It will be even less of a hassle if you take the necessary steps to guard your identity from thieves. If you believe your identity has been stolen, report the crime to authorities and the FTC. It can help save your assets.

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