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Social Security Administration Online 

Social Security Administration Online provides service to the public, and advances the economic security of the nation’s people by providing monthly retirement, survivor and disability cash benefits information to 4.8 million Social Security beneficiaries and 639,000 Supplemental Security recipients. It also achieves its mission through 4,800 employees who are committed to excellence and ingenuity in public service. This online service also offers programs and services, social security benefit information, tax calculation, social security death index, events, and more. Moreover this program answers your questions and provides you all the information you want to know in connection with your social security based on your needs. It can also help you find out if you could be eligible for benefits from any of the programs Social Security administers.

This Online Social Security Administration also provides you the necessary information concerning Social Security Law and Social Security Administration. It is also not only impartial on the polarizing issue of Social Security reform, it manages to make the issue downright entertaining. It's a good window on the free-market approach to reform. Most useful, though hardly objective, is the weekly e-mail newsletter on developments in the policy and political debate over reform on social security.

It is a left-of-center research outfit that stirs up logical and well-documented analyses of the effects of policy proposals, including those involving Social Security, on low-income individuals and families. The researches in this site supports its view that most privatization proposals are bad news for the needy—and are costly, to boot.

Each cutting-edge research on Social Security, the private pension system, and the economic, demographic, and behavioral factors has considerable affect on retirement. The Online Social Security Administration desires to provide fast and convenient service without putting privacy of millions of individuals and families at risk. The public trusts SSA to keep personal records safe and secure.

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