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Social Security Administration SSI Disability

Social Security Disability Claim provides the basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter to these aged, blind and disabled individuals. Government Social Security Disability is a centralized supplement income program by general tax revenues designed for old, blind and disabled who have a little or no salary whatsoever. Social Security Child Disability also receives health care coverage like Medicaid. Social Security created Social Security Disability List to helps aged, blind and disabled who don't have enough or don't have income by paying them monthly checks.

Hopes for the disabled
Life is never hopeless with social security who offers benefits for people with disabilities. Disability programs offers assistance to people who have decided not work because of their disability. There are two programs administered by the Social Security Administration that only individuals with disability and meet medical criteria are qualified for benefits.

They could qualify under either program:
•    Social Security Disability Insurance. This pays to the disabled person and certain members of his family if he has worked enough and paid Social Security taxes
•    Supplemental Security Income. This gives payment based on the disable person’s financial need

Social Security Disability Depression doesn't extend benefits to the individual's family whether spouse or children dependent to them.
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