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Social Security Administration Survivor Benefits

Undeniably, the loss of the family salary earner is emotionally and financially devastating. There is so much to maintain in life in order to attain dignified existence. The food you eat, the allowance of the children, everyday expenses and other needs are definitely ‘must have’ for every family. Social Security offers great assistance in times of difficulty. Survivors insurance is earned as you work and pay Social Security taxes. By doing so, you earn credits toward your social security benefits.

Hope amidst the loss
Social Security helps to provide income for the families of workers who die. Determining the Social Security Administration Survivor Benefits has so many factors to consider that it can be difficult to arrive at what the amount of monthly benefit for your family might be. Generally, the Social Security Administration Survivor Benefits that your family will receive if you pass away are based on an average of the highest earning amount of years of your whole life earning not just the last ten years.

Any benefit that the surviving spouse receives stops when the youngest child reaches the age of sixteen and the spouse would not be eligible for more benefits until he or she reached age sixty though benefits would be greater if your spouse waits until age sixty-five. Benefits of a child stops when he reaches the age of eighteen unless the child is disabled, in which case the benefits would continue. If you have been divorced, your former spouse can get benefits under the same circumstances as your widow or widower if your marriage lasted ten years or more. Benefits paid to a surviving divorced spouse who is age sixty or older will not affect the benefit rates for other survivors getting Social Security Administration Survivor Benefits.

How much your family will receive from Social Security depends on your average lifetime earnings. This means that the higher your earnings, the higher their benefits will be. The amount your family will get is a percentage of your basic Social Security benefit. The percentage depends on the age and the type of benefit the beneficiary is eligible for. A widow or widower aged sixty-five or older will generally receive one hundred percent; a widow or widower aged sixty to sixty four about 71 to 94 percent; a widow at any age with a child under sixteen about 75 percent and the children will receive 75 percent.

If you believe you are entitled to Social Security Administration Survivor Benefits you should apply immediately because in some cases benefits may not be retroactive.
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