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Social Security Administration Web Site

The powerful tool
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We believe that the SSA efforts and conclusions will provide a blue print that should guide other government agencies as they strive to use the Internet to provide individuals access to their personal information in a manner that preserves individual privacy.

Committed to human security, the web site also increased privacy protections in the following ways:
•    It provides useful information to individuals for financial planning proposes without the possibility of abuse and misuse by others.
•    It increases security by adding a one-time password delivered via email.
Social Security system has indeed crafted a system that meets their Privacy Act Mandate of providing individuals with access to SSA records in a reasonably secure fashion.

The Internet is a powerful tool for disseminating information, which is precisely why government agencies need to be extraordinarily cautious about what information is posted on the Internet until adequate safeguards are implemented to protect individuals' privacy, said Kanjorski.
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