Social Security Death Benefits

After death occurs it is imperative that survivors take all the necessary steps in determining the availability of Social Security death benefits to them.

The Social Security Administration provides assistance to eligible survivors of a beneficiary by way of a “lump sum death benefit.” A one-time payment of two hundred fifty five dollars ($255) is payable to the surviving spouse if he or she was living with the beneficiary at the time the death occurred. In the absence of a surviving spouse, the minor children can also be entitled to monthly benefit checks.

Types of Social Security Death Benefits

  • Veterans Death Benefits

  • Veteran’s mortuary benefits are available provided that the following requisites concur: the veteran is receiving pension or compensation for military service in a veteran’s hospital at the time of death and an indigent at the time of death.

    In addition, if the following conditions are present, three hundred dollars ($300.00) will be made available to an eligible surviving spouse or children. One hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) is available for a plot allowance, which can be claimed by the family, funeral provider, or by the cemetery.

    In the event that the death was the direct result of injuries received in the line of service, the survivors of a veteran’s death are eligible to receive an amount of up to one million, one hundred dollars ($1,100.00).

  • Life or Casualty Insurance

  • Usually if death results from a motor vehicle accident, benefits are provided under no-fault insurance provisions. This describes what Life or Casualty insurance is which is one type of Social Security Death Benefits.

  • Employer's payments

  • Employer’s payments cover severance pay as well as /or vacation time (paid leave).

  • State victims of Crime Statutes

  • There are some states which provide benefits to survivors of a crime victim.

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