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Social Security Death Index Online

The social security death index online is a very useful database for names of deceased members of the social security. Since it is online, it is very accessible for people in different places. Furthermore, it is easier to locate the needed information in this rather than to go to the office and lift the files one by one. Online search is faster and less time consuming making it very beneficial for busy people who do not have that much time to spare.

The names in the social security death index online are only of those people whose death has been reported to the administration. Sometimes a search will not give results because the person’s death was not reported. A searcher will find names starting from the year 1962 since that is the time when the death index was started. At this year and some years after, people were not aware that a member’s death should be reported so they don’t do it. It is for this reason that some names cannot be found in the index. But for the recent years, a person will usually find a vast result.

In making the search in the social security death index online it is essential to as specific as possible so that the result will also be just a small one. With a specific search the searcher will not have a hard time finding what he or she needs from the results. In order to be specific, you have to know the fist name and last name, year of birth, year of death, the state where that person lived and if possible, the social security number as well. People who are studying family history would find this online service very beneficial for locating information they need without the need to travel and some other unnecessary expense.
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