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Social security Death Index Search

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The Social Security Administration provides a social security death index to individuals who need information about a deceased member. This is an index to basic information about individuals with Social Security numbers whose deaths have been reported to the Social Security Administration. A Survivor requesting benefits is basically the source of a death report in order to stop the Social Security Benefits to the deceased. In some instances, as a service to the surviving family, funeral homes do the reporting. The use of Social Security number can enable you to order the individual’s Social Security application or claims file which subsequently lead to a discovery of a birth place, a maiden name, or parent’s name. The death index is an online one so making a social security death index search is very easy. In making the search it will be more advantageous to make use of the specific data such as the exact name, date and even the social security number of the person you are looking for. Just like when searching for a certain item online the more specific the search the better. The index has specified spaces to be filled out and after supplying the information just click on submit. Since the index is a database, the names included can be from any state.

The social security death index search will only bring out the names of people whose deaths have been reported in the administration. Usually a member’s death is reported when the surviving family member or beneficiary files a claim. The death index contains names of members who died from 1962 and onwards so some names may not be included in the search. Names of legal aliens who were able to obtain a social security card may also be included in the index; that is if their death was reported to the administration.

Through the search, an interested third party can request information about the deceased individual. He can be furnished with a hard copy of the social security application of that person. People studying genealogy and family history will benefits from the information to be obtained from the social security death index search.


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