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Social Security Disability 2b Sleep Apnea

Not serious at glance
The term apnea is a Greek term which literally means without breath. This condition has three forms – obstructive, central and mixed. The most common among these three is the obstructive which happens when there is an impediment in the airway. At a glance this disorder may not seem serious; however, this could be a cause for other grave health conditions. When this condition goes undiagnosed and untreated, the person could suffer high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, memory problems, weight gain, impotence and headaches. It may also be a cause for inefficiency to function in the job and also be the culprit for vehicular accidents.

Other manifestations of sleep apnea include:

• irritability
• fatigue
• attention deficit
• poor memory
• poor job performance
• hypertension
• heart disease
• increased sick time
• on job accidents
• accidents while driving

Sometimes, however, sleep apnea can be hard to diagnose by the sufferer because symptoms happen while sleeping. Basically, it’s the sleeping partner who initially notices the symptoms by heavy snoring or long pauses in breathing during sleep.

Sleep apnea is a health disorder wherein the sufferer can file for social security benefits claim. 2b sleep apnea is common in the old generation who has suffered from acute ischemic stroke and those who had poor stroke recovery. This condition can cause more serious problems if not given the right attention. Heart disease and more serious stroke can also happen. However, there can still be hope for recovery from this health disorder, through some treatment.

Filing for social security disability 2b sleep apnea claim will be helpful in order to gain financial support for medical and health expenses. Once a benefit claim has been filed, the social security administration still conducts an investigation on the person in order to be sure that the condition is really genuine. This is their way of protecting themselves against those who are only feigning social security disability 2b sleep apnea or any other disability to get some benefits.

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