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Social Security Disability Arthritis

Social security has been established in order to help or assist people in times of old age and disability. One condition that can be a basis for filing a disability claim is arthritis. Arthritis is the condition affecting the joints wherein there is pain and inflammation in the affected areas like the hands, knees and feet. This is considered to be a chronic condition and can stay for the rest of a person’s life. With this type of health condition, a person’s lifestyle and work can be gravely affected. Sometimes it even reaches to the point that the person can no longer move by himself because of intense joint paint.

This condition is usually prevalent in the elderly person but there are also rare cases that this condition happens in young adults. A person intending to file a disability claim must be aware that the term disability under social security states is as a condition that can be expected to last at least one year or to result to death and must be a cause for the person’s inability to engage in any type of substantial gainful employment. Just like in any other disability claim, there are also rules that must be observed in claiming benefits for social security disability arthritis.

In social security disability arthritis claims the Social Security Administration conduct some tests in order to determine if the person with arthritis meets the qualifications needed in order to be awarded with insurance benefits. The person must be found out to have a history of chronic joint pain, swelling and other symptoms evident for arthritis. Tests results must also show evidence of rheumatoid factor in the patient.

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