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To be entitled to a disability claim benefits, an individual must have worked and paid taxes to Social Security for a period of time as set by the existing law. This means that he must first meet the Social Security work credits before he can file a petition before the court. These work credits depend upon his age when he obtained his disability.

To further identify if you meet the criteria in filing for a disability claim, you can furnish a copy of your Social Security Statement from your local Social Security office or else seek the advice of a credible lawyer for social security disability.

After determining your qualifications, you may now proceed with filing your petition to the Social Security office, also with the assistance of his Social Security Disability attorneys whom you put your trust. They will guide you on the case process and eventually represent you in the hearings set by the court.

The claim procedure may seem very difficult for an ordinary person without the know-how of the Social Security laws but with competent disability lawyers at his side, he will need not to worry about the outcome of his case. The expertise of these attorneys will ensure him of having the best and most favorable results.

Our Social Security Disability attorneys are adept at handling these certain types of cases, having gained more than 15 years of experience in Social Security law cases and learned complicated case procedures from experience.

If you have encountered this scenario or if ever you may have other concerns about Social Security, you can put your trust on us. Our team of well-renowned Social Security Disability attorneys have proven track record in handling successful claims and litigation.

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