Social Security Disability Benefit Application

There are various considerations that a person should make before pursuing a Social Security disability benefit application. These issues must be well-addressed in order to obtain the highest amount of benefits to spend for your treatment and other personal needs.

First, you must meet the Social Security’s criteria in determining disability. Thus, your impairment must hinder you from exercising “substantial gainful activities” for a continuous period of 12 months or your medical condition is severe enough to cause your death. Yet, your illness should belong to Social Security’s list of disabling condition.

Next, you must have worked long enough and earn credits in an employment covered by Social Security. While employed, you can earn credits by paying your Social Security tax based on your earnings. In 2011, you have to earn $1,120 to gain one credit. You may earn a maximum of four credits per year.

Also, you must be able to provide substantial evidences and documents that will verify your identity, work experience and medical condition. You will be ask to prepare original copies of your birth/baptismal certificate, Social Security number, W-2 form, employment and medical records and laboratory test results.

The procedures in applying for Social Security disability claim can be difficult and exhausting for a disabled person without much knowledge about the Social Security Laws. Hence, a professional representation is much needed to have better chances of approval.

With years of committed service to our disabled clients, our Social Security disability benefit lawyer can help you with your disability claim application. Our disability attorney has all the necessary skills and experience in determining your eligibility for benefits.

Dial our toll-free number or fill-out our case evaluation form with brief details of your case and we will be more than willing to provide you vigorous assistance in upholding your right to proper benefits. You need not have to pay us professional fees unless we obtain positive results.

With proper representation, you need not have to worry much with your Social Security disability benefit application. Just leave the job to our expert legal advocates.

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