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Social Security Disability Benefit Lawyer

Workers with disability receive Social Security Disability benefits as implemented by the Social Security Administration. In several instances, the disabled workers' dependents are also able to receive such benefits, the same as what retired workers receive. If you fall among these categories along with the help of a Social Security Disability Benefit Lawyer, you may be able to receive the rightful benefit due you.

Actually, there is no age limit nor is there a minimum age for a person to possess in order to be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. However, you must qualify for it first by having worked recently and long enough under the Social Security.

Every year, you can earn four work credits as a maximum. An annual increase in the amount of earnings you are required to produce is needed for you to gain one credit.

The work credits you require to qualify for Social Security disability benefits would depend on the age when you have obtained your disability. Having the services of a Social Security Disability Benefit Lawyer will help you discern your qualifications for such benefits.

The Social Security uses an evaluation process consisting of five steps to determine the veracity of your disability.

  1. Your current employment and earnings
  2. Severity of your condition
  3. Your condition is included in the disabling impairments list
  4. Your ability to perform the work you previously can accomplish
  5. Your ability to do other kinds of work counted as employment for national economy

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