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Los Angeles Social Security Disability Benefits Attorneys

A thorough understanding of the Social Security Disability program and the entitlement process that goes with it enables our Los Angeles social security disability benefits attorneys to obtain our clients’ benefits successfully and more quickly than you could on your own.

Our goal is to represent you, our client, through the entire process - from the initial application stage all the way to the approval of your claim.

Our Los Angeles security disability attorneys will perform these in handling your claims:

  1. Determine what benefits you are eligible for and whether or not you are likely to be considered "disabled" under Social Security rules and regulations
  2. Complete all the necessary documents such as Client Information Sheet, Retainer Agreement, SSA Appointment of Representative Form, among others as well as all other pertinent paper works
  3. Contact all your medical providers and obtain copies of your medical reports and billing records as well as request for individualized reports that address your functional limitations and your disabilities in accordance to Social Security disability categories
  4. Arrange for additional medical examinations or vocational evaluations, if still necessary
  5. Request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge and prepare your case arguments for the hearing
  6. Represent you at your hearing, present evidence on your behalf and question any expert witnesses who will be called to testify
  7. Reopen (if applicable) your old applications for benefits so that you can be entitled to the largest possible lump sum payment of past due benefits as well as review Social Security benefit calculations to insure that you are properly paid for
  8. If denied, continue to appeal your case through all SSA administrative levels of appeal and into civil courts.

Contact our California disability lawyers so we can already start working on your claim. Dial our toll-free number and get expert advice from our Los Angeles social security disability benefits attorneys.

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