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Social Security Disability Determination


The Social Security is the agency that gives assistance to people in retirement as well as for those who suffer from any disability. In order for a person to be able to claim for disability benefits, the Social Security Administration is careful in their screening and determination who qualifies for their programs. The Social Security has an agency that does the job of determining who is really qualified fro the disability benefits. The Disability Determination Services is the one that conducts the social security disability determination. There are various disability forms that must be filled out in under social security. A description of the claimant’s ailment, treatment sources and other relevant information are usually asked for in the social security form. Once this form has been submitted by the claimant, the office of the social security is the one responsible for ascertaining that the information written in the form. The office then sends the form to the Disability Determination Services for the assessment of the injury.

In the social security disability determination done by the Disability Determination Services, a proof from the claimant’s own medical sources is obtained first. If that proof acquired is not up to the standard set by the service, the DDS will organize another consultative examination for any additional information necessary. Based upon the evidences, the DDS will then make their determination. F the person qualifies, it is sent back to the social security administration and they complete the necessary paperwork and compute the benefits due.

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